How To Write an Essay Introduction Simply and Easily

Writing an essay introduction can be tricky because even if it does not have any format to follow, you have to come up with something that will hook your reader to read your whole essay up to the end. Whether you start with a challenging vibe or want to guide your reader to the memory lane, your introduction has to be a show-starter.

But why do you need to put a lot of effort into writing an introduction when the meaty part is in the body? There’s this saying that the first impression lasts – the same thing goes with your intro. As a matter of fact, the introduction is the first thing to read among the three parts of the essay. And sometimes it’s the deciding factor whether your article is a good read or not.

So if you have trouble in writing an essay from the introduction down to the conclusion or even thinking about asking professional writers to do it?. Here’s a simple way to get started and end it with a pat on your back because you did a good job.

Draft your introduction

Write anything that you want to say. It is one way to know how much you understand the topic of the essay you want to write about. You can relate it to experience, a book or article you have read before, or something you have learned in school that becomes memorable to you. It’s okay if you got some grammatical errors on your way to writing your introduction because it is just a draft. After all, you will proofread your essay before you submit it.

Read your draft

After letting your stream of consciousness spill out everything you know about the topic, reread your draft from the top. It is the moment where you will see a part of the bigger picture of your essay. By re-reading your selection, you will be able to see a lot of grammar mistakes, misspelled words, ideas that seem not to follow, and some fragmented ideas. Don’t panic! That’s alright.

What you need to do on this part is to rearrange the ideas, correct what needs to be fixed and rephrase sentences that seem off. As you read your draft, you will realize that there are ideas that should be in the introduction, concepts that are supposed to be the body, and critical points that should be your conclusion. Then reread it from the top until you feel that it is smooth to read.

Polish your draft

This is the part wherein, as you read your whole selection, many ideas come popping out of your mind. Write ideas that can spice up what you already wrote, and be vigilant with what might appear redundant. In the process of polishing your draft, you will be reading your selection again and again. If there are ideas you’re not satisfied with, Google is your writing buddy. However, if you were to quote someone else’s saying, it is a polite way to cite them (especially if you are writing an academic essay). Don’t own something that isn’t yours; it’s a crime!

Once you’re done with your draft, ask a person or two to read your selection for clarification. This is important because the more you understand your draft, the more you get self-absorbed with your writing, that sometimes you missed the obvious mistake. After that, you can now rewrite it for submission considering the comments given by the people who read your essay.